TB Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning Services

Bathroom Cleaning and Disinfection

All bathrooms are disinfected, with high-performance cleaning products, including cleaning the shower tiles, disinfecting the toilet, washing the sink, and cleaning the floor.

However, we don’t throw water, which only dilutes the dirt and spreads it throughout the environment. Still, we use microfiber cloths with ecological disinfectant products, which will remove bacteria at the source.

Kitchen and Laundry cleaning and disinfection

Cleaning the kitchen and service area, including cleaning tiles from the sink and stove, cleaning cabinets from the outside, removing machines and refrigerator, cleaning the oven, stove, and microwave, cleaning small appliances, and cleaning the sink and countertop, among others.

Remember that traditional cleaning products for bathrooms and ovens and products used to polish the furniture contain the highest levels of toxins that come into contact with the food you eat.