TB Cleaning Services

Moving Cleaning Services

We know how stressful moving can be. If, on the one hand, we are anxious to see everything ready and in the right place, on the other hand, the tasks are many to obtain the intended results. Packing, unpacking, transporting, washing, choosing what we want to donate, choosing what we will buy again, looking for the accessories that adapt to the new home… there are thousands of things you have to think about.

We at TB Cleaning are the solution to leave the property clean after leaving it and leave the place where you are going to move ready to receive you in the best way.

Have you ever thought about leaving a house, office, or studio leased and having to leave everything in order? TB Cleaning has arrived to help you with this part of the moving process; you can leave everything clean and fragrant to deliver the leased property to the owner; this service is also indicated for real estate, to leave everything for a new tenant.

When you want to change location, what you need most is that the place is clean and fragrant to receive you. TB Cleaning works to ensure this is done with the best quality, and don’t forget that you can schedule everything with just a few clicks.

TB Cleaning can help with Pre-Move Cleaning, so you can tidy everything upright, with all environments and interiors clean and dry.

Cleaning the old house to make it ready for delivery or visit is one of the most tedious tasks. It’s already out, and you still have to clean?! Also, to enter the new house, you don’t want to put your things without good hygiene, to feel good.

The cleaning of the new and old house will be defined together. We can clean all closets, inside and out, all tiles, appliances, ceilings, light fixtures and fans, walls, glass, windows, whatever you want, and what best suits your case.